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APOLLO GOLDEN RODS are the newest and most sensitive dowsing long range gold locators for the professional!


APOLLO GOLDEN RODS have been designed with the accumulated knowledge gained from
many years using the older dowsing rods by our experienced gold dowsers.
We set the goal to create the best dowsing rod in terms of quality, durability and performance.

During operation APOLLO rods swing freely to reveal the direction of the selected treasure
or mineral deposit. Unlike other dowsing rods APOLLO is well balanced and stable.
APOLLO GOLD RODS will not swing erratically or loose balance, even under windy conditions.
Hold APOLLO for the first time and you will be amazed at how stable it is!
When APOLLO finds the location of the gold / treasure, shorten the antenna.
APOLLO now operates in a circular pattern over the top of the target.





Only original APOLLO rods come with
curved GDI GOLDEN RODS logos.


APOLLO rods are 24K gold plated
to enhance the attraction
when searching for gold targets.
This way a gold sample is almost
not necessary when operating




Except the telescopic antenna APOLLO rods also feature a loop antenna to gain a wider angle
of attraction and higher location range. To increase target selectivity APOLLO features
a sample compartment at the telescopic antenna base.Users of APOLLO rods install a small
sample - or a combination of samples - of the material they searching for inside it.
That’s how APOLLO is tuned to search for a specific treasure that contains that same kind
of materiel. For example, when searching for gold, install a gold piece into the sample
compartment. You can use APOLLO rods to search for gold, silver, mercury, lead, copper,
diamonds, oil, water or other substance.
Behind the sample compartment is APOLLO power tube where a load of a special radioactive
mineral ore is used to stimulate it’s crystals in order to amplify the weak attractions from distant
gold targets which would be otherwise out of range from competitor’s long range locators.



The static charge of the human body – user,
will often interfere and produce false signals.
With APOLLO a telescopic discharge probe
comes as standard. Once a target signal
is received, stick and hold the discharge probe
to the ground. Now double check the target line
by holding APOLLO with the other hand.
False targets are canceled this way.
Users of long range directional dowsing rods
report several failures of their antennas
that break easily when hit obstacles or fall
by accident. APOLLO telescopic antenna
is a durable and thicker at the antenna body
and it’s bolt to withstand knocks -hard outdoor

APOLLO GOLDEN RODS are used to search
for large or very small treasures.
The antenna length can be adjusted according
to whether you are looking for close by or long
range targets. Shorten the antenna
and remove the loop, to find only sources
of attraction that lie close by and more accurate
pinpointing. Or extend the antenna and install
the loop, when searching for more distant
targets. APOLLO is set for both short and long
range operation with the antenna fully

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