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Sales price: 450,00 €
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Affordable, easy to operate long distance gold detectors.


            long range locators kit

 eliminator e 120 b

LRL kit includes 2 long range gold locators with carry case.

Our set of gold plated L rods for signal receiver,
and the new Eliminator e-120 B transmitter with twin function:
frequency generator detector and a mineral rejection filter!

The price we offer the LRL kit is lower than any other comparable unit,
but the performance is excellent.



Operation is simple. Ground the Eliminator e-120B and select the frequency to scan.
The available frequency selections are gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, aluminum, void and water.
The Eliminator e-120 B acts as discrimination transmitter, the L rods can be used afterwards as a receiver
to pinpoint the target. This way the natural radiation of the metal target is amplified and a reliable
metal discrimination is achieved.

The L rods are attracted to the Eliminator signal which stimulates and radiates the buried object.
The other natural signals, ( minerals for example ) are weaker and fail to attract the L rods.
The L rods respond to the strongest signal within the range.

As soon as the L rods pick up an attraction, Eliminator e-120 B has another function,
now it can be used as a filter to validate the "suspected" target. Select the desired target size to be rejected
on the Eliminator e-120B. The Eliminator rejection knob as it is rotated progressively to the right
knocks out minerals, small gold particles, gold nuggets, coin size, ring size, soda can size....
Set the rejection point, and the smaller objects ( weaker signals ) are eliminated.
Wait approximately 10 minutes and scan again with the L rods.
If the signal is lost the target has been rejected and not worth to be traced.

We believe the Long Range Locators kit to be the most affordable and reliable choice.


The Long Range Locators kit includes :

Gold plated L rods, Power module amplifier for the L rods with "Y" cable,

New Eliminator e-120 B twin function, frequency generator plus mineral / small target rejection filter,
Ground probe, Batteries, Carry case, Instructions manual.

Guarantee: 2 years

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