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Icon Data tablet PC 500 euro

Pre configured tablet PC, carry case, carry belts
Sales price: 500,00 €
Sales price without tax: 500,00 €


ICON DATA metal detector logger
NEW real time 2D & 3D data visualizer

icon-data-3d-metal-detector-data-logger  pdf

ICON DATA real time metal detector data logger >>> overview

The ICON DATA metal detector data logger purpose is to create images of targets in 2D and 3D viewing ability.
ICON DATA metal detector data logger can be used with any metal detector that operates in “non motion” audio mode.
( A true non motion metal detector does not need movement of the coil to generate audio signal.
Also, the audio signal will not fade out, but rather get stronger as it gets closer to the target,
and will continue to sound as long as the coil remains over the target.
For details about "motion" & "non motion" metal detector audio modes check our youtube video "compatible metal detectors for Icon Data logger" ).
Some examples of traditional type non motion metal detectors are all the frame coil Pulse Induction detectors such as Lorenz Deepmax, Deepmax X3,
Deepmax X5, Deepmax X6, Deepmax Z1, LPX2, Deeptech Ground Pioneer 4500, Stinger, Pulse star II Pro, Superscan, Delta Pulse and others...
JW Fishers Pulse 6x or Pulse 8x, Aquapulse AQ1B, XP Deus, White’s XLT. 2-Box style metal detectors such as Whites TM-808, Gemini III.
Also older / newer VCO audio style detectors. Now with the ICON DATA logger unit these types of detectors can be updated with real time 3D target imaging.

The ICON DATA metal detector logger is more than just a data logger, it is a real time imaging and on-site target analysis device.
All other available metal detector data loggers currently on the market are either too bulky or too expensive or both.
Also, they do not display the images in real time on the screen as you are operating your detector in the field.
One has to scan the field first, and then connect the data logger to a PC to see the results.

The ICON DATA Logger displays the detected target image immediately while the user operates the metal detector in the field.
No complex controls to fumble around with, no stopping to download, and no time wasted.

The ICON DATA unit processes hundreds of the detectors signals every second, and displays the image using the supplied software on your windows laptop
or a tablet PC which can also be ordered preconfigured with the ICON DATA logger software.

The ICON DATA metal detector logger is so sensitive, that it can visualize anomalies like ground voids, tombs, previously dug ground and buried foundations.
All these types of voids and structures interfere with the tuning sound of the metal detector and create weak noise signals that are ignored
by the detector speaker and the human ear.
The ICON DATA logger amplifies these signals. Then it is the user decision to select if he wishes to see the metal targets only – or the ground anomalies also
( ground voids, tombs, previously dug ground and buried foundations ).

The user has full control of the scan with many available options. The user can set the grid size of the area (steps & sweep lines),
the graphic mode, the coloring, target depth calculation, graph edit, save or export the image in various formats.

After set-up ICON DATA software guides the user with voice commands to start, step and turn, can be paused or start again anytime.
It even has a replay mode to replay the actual scan that had just taken place.
The data collection mode can be set to automatic for flat ground surface when a constant and steady pace can be kept or set to manual for uneven surfaces
and areas with trees, bushes, rocks, etc.


ICON DATA real time metal detector data logger >>> technical specifications


• ICON DATA metal detector logger operation:
Real time imaging step by step and data logging

• Selectable sweep direction:
Left to right or right to left to be used when using small round coils.
Step by step in parallel sweep lines when using frame coils

• Computer controlled data collection
– Automatic Mode:
Readings are captured automatically at intervals selectable from 1 step per second to 1 step per 100 seconds.
- Manual Mode:
Manual captures. Real time data graphics for both modes

• Data Points:
10.000 scans per survey, ability to store unlimited data files on hard disk

• Data point density:
Dependent on step-length, distance between measured profiles and detector coil size used
(Coil sized from 10cm round to 1m. frame)

• Resolution:
10 Bit/5V

• Input signal:
230 mV / 1 Hz - 4.8 KHz from the detector headphones jack

• Data processing:
On site real time imaging, 2D and 3D target view, target depth, interpretation, filtering, modeling, replay,
exporting to bmp, jpg, metafile, png and data file formats, printing.



The ICON DATA real time metal detector logger comes with GDI geophysical instruments 2 year warranty
on the ICON DATA logger main unit.
Special note for White’s TM-808 cable install! WARNING: This will void any remaining TM-808 warranty
as the connection cable on this metal detector must be soldered internally, directly to TM 808 signal meter.



If you have lost or damaged the install CD or any of the metal detector connection cables please email
with “Lost / Damaged CD or cables” in the subject line, and please include purchase date, Icon Data Logger serial number and your contact information
in the main body of the email.
After verifying your original purchase, we will contact you with details.

 ICON DATA real time metal detector data logger >>> target scans
 2D & 3D Icon Data test scan of an ammunition box using Ground Pioneer 4500 PI detector
icon-data-metal-detector-logger-box-test-scan icon-data-metal-detector-logger-3d-box-scan icon-data-metal-detector-logger-2d-box-scan
 Icon Data find! 
2D & 3D scan of a ceramic vase using White’s Spectrum XLT detector
icon-data-metal-detector-logger-vase-find icon-data-metal-detector-logger-3d-vase-find icon-data-metal-detector-logger-2d-vase-find


 ICON DATA real time metal detector data logger >>> standard equipment and accessories
 icon data 3d  icon data logger tablet pc

Standard equipment 
Icon Data interface, USB and detector cables, software & drivers CD, user manual in English 

700 €


Additional equipment
Pre-configured tablet PC, touch resistive screen, leather carry pouch & belts 

500 €

Testing Icon Data logger with GP4500 metal detector

Testing Icon Data logger with Pulse Star II pro metal detector

Testing Icon Data logger with Lorenz X5 metal detector
Guide to determine what metal detector / metal detector mode is compatible with Icon Data logger



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